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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Theres Only 1 Official GZ Stammtisch and 1 GZ Oktoberfest - ARE YOU READY !

Hello our dear friends hello, it has been while since our last meet and what with the holidays and busy schedules some of us has not had time to catch up, Well here's your chance TONIGHT (Wednesday night) is the official GuangZhou Stammtisch night, held at the American Sportsman's Bar behind the Friendship Store. Be there around 9:00pm ish for a good deal on the German beer as well as others, relax, chat and forget about the weeks stresses and strains.

We Will also be discussing and wanting to know which of you fine gentlemen will be coming to the GZ Oktoberfest as we are going to arrange tickets and a group night, where we can all enjoy much merriment and fill ourselves full on good food.

So I hope to see new and old friends tonight,
With best regards,
The Stammtisch Board.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Stammtisch travel to Shekou

Finally I find a few minutes to write our review about the Stammtisch travel to Shekou as of last week end.
After a two hours bus ride, the crew arrived in the hotel, quickly checked in and was eager to get over the new sea world to the Minghua Ship to the German Löwenburg restaurant, where Christian, the German beer brewer and the rest of the Löwenburg crew was waiting to receive us with fresh brewed German beer and delicious food.

After the first hunger was stilled, we had a tour through the facilities of the restaurant and an introduction to the brewing process. Of course there was a tasting of the fresh beer included, which some of us took rather serious (as you can see).

From then on our path led us to the Terrace bar where we had a great party. Some of us are still in the discussion if we had ordered 4 or 6 bottles of Gin, but fact is (as you can see on the pictures) that we certainly had great fun and the return to the hotel was rather late that night.

As a result, the brunch in the next morning in the Trattoria di Angelo started with a little delay in our schedule but the food, the Grappa and the Lemoncello tasted great and everybody could take the bus home satisfied, with a full belly and looking forward for the next Stammtisch travel.

Suggestions and wishes for our next outing are always welcome, just send them to our email address...

Friday, May 25, 2007

Stammtisch Dress Code

As you know at Stammtisch we have a few rules and dress code is not one of them.... However one eager beer drinker proposed we set a radical dress code for Wednesday nights to distinguish ourselves from 'normal' beer drinkers and make it crystal clear who the real piss-heads are!

Feel free to comment or better still, propose further suggestions (with photos), for a Stammtisch dress code.

Note: Cost of jeans is not subsidised in any way by the Stammtisch Board, however if enough members wish to follow suit we can always look at buying the jeans in bulk and organising a group discount.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Week end tip

Today let’s first of all welcome our first visitor from the Caribbean islands. I am asking myeslf if you guys have a Stammtisch there as well? This one goes out to Castries on St. Lucia. We hope you have a beer while you are reading our blog and once you come to China, don’t miss out on coming to the Stammtisch.
Yesterday we had an interesting discussion about the things that one can do on the week ends in Guangzhou and I promised to post some information about one of our favorite dining out places. So here we go.
The restaurant is called Tairyo and it is a Japanese teppanyaki style restaurant, which means you can have your table around the cooking plate and the cook will prepare the food right in front of your eyes.
The deal in this very special restaurant is that you pay 169 RMB (and if you are going there with the board, we will negotiate that down to 150 RMB because we are frequent visitors of the place) for all you can eat and all you can drink. Yes you read that right – ALL YOU CAN DRINK – and that means beer, sake, wine, short just order whatever you like and as many times as you like. We have been kicked out several times from the place because they wanted to close and we did not want them to close .
Anyway, if your plan is to go there on the weekends, make sure to reserve before you go because it can get quite full in there.
Ok how can you get there? The restaurant is actually just above the Paddy Field, Irish Bar which is just behind the Garden Hotel in the Central Plaza3.rd floor, next to Momo’s Hair salon. Here the address for you:
Tairyo Japanese Restaurant 大渔日本料理店
2/F, Guang Yi Dasha, 34-38 Huale Lu
华乐路34-38号 广怡大厦2楼
8360 1371, 8360 1372
Enjoy the sake and see you there, soon

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Our first cutural excursion - Weekend 1.st of June - please contact

Hello all,

This is the announcement of the Stammtisch travel board. We have been trying to organize our first outing this week, but due to the short announcement, there where not enough participants to make it happen. That is why we will postpone our travel to the week end of the 1.st of June. Let us quickly introduce you to our first “cultural” excursion:
As countless times discussed and requested from you before, we are finally proud and happy to announce our first week end outing. We try to organize our first outing to the "world famous" Loewenburg Brewery in Shekou where the German brewer and Shenzhen's Stammtisch organizer Christian is (not) happy to receive the Guangzhou bunch. It's time to show the SZ Stammtisch how are the real masters of the beer!!! Consider that as a challenge guys!
We will travel to Shekou, which is a little city in the south of Shenzhen. There on the New Sea World Place, on the top of the Minghua ship (see photo) there is the Loewenburg Restaurant and Microbrewery. Christian, the German beer brewery of the restaurant, is brewing under the strict eyes of the German purity laws, one of the freshest and best beers, you will be able to find in south China. You can find more information about our excursion goal, the first real German restaurant in the PRD region through the link on the right hand side.

In order to make it possible for most of us to find the right date, we expect your answer via email with the choice of the following dates:
1. Friday the 1.st of May
2. Saturday the 2.nd of May
- HOW?
Simply by replying via mail to us NOT LATER THEN WEDNESDAY THE 30.st OF APRIL. Let us know when would be best for you (if you can do it on both dates, please let us know as well) so we can by the middle of this week move forward and check for bus and hotel rooms.
We guess right now that we can get the hotel rooms at 160 RMB / night, the bus transfer should be not more then 60 RMB one way and the rest depends on your drinking and other spending behavior…

Looking forward for your reservations and further questions
The travel board
Dreaming Of The Days To Come

Well folk's I can't seem to get my mind of it at the moment, it will soon be Oktoberfest season, and this is my most favorite season of the year, the sun is shinning down upon my cool beer, the air is crisp and fresh with the smell of gorgeous German food, sausages, beer pretzels, lamb and pork, and there’s dancing and singing till the wee hours of the morning, ahhh the glorious days.
So as a little pick me up I wanted to share with all of the Stammtisch some great pictures, these may bring a smile or even a tear, thinking we still have to wait so long for the Angles to deliver the fest to us, but wait don't despair remember we still have the Stammtish meet every 2nd Wednesday, where you can meet some good old chaps, drink some beer and share some stories.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

IN THE BAR - Zài Jiǔbā - 在酒吧

It happens to all of us that, once in a while, we end up in a bar . How often have you been in a bar and went completely frustrated because the waitress did not understand your order and brought you the wrong drink?
For all of you, let me past you some helpful mandarin phrases here (yes I lent them out) so you can learn them and use them for your next time in the “Jiǔbā”:

- Can I have a drinks menu please?
Qǐng gěi wǒ jiǔshuǐdān。
- Sure, here it is…………… Are you ready to order?
Hǎode,gěi nín。…………. Xiànzài yào diǎn ma?
- Yeah, please can I have a pint of Tiger beer.
Duì,wǒ yào yī dà bēi hǔpái píjiǔ。
- Ok, is there anything else you need?
Hǎode,nín hái yào diǎn shénme?
- No, but I was wondering if you have a happy hour?
Bùyòng le,dànshì wǒ xiǎng zhīdao nǐmen zhèlǐ yǒuméiyǒu tèjià shíduàn?
- Yes its half price on draft beer before 8pm.
Yǒu,wǎnshang bā diǎn yǐqián shēngpí bànjià 。
- Carlsberg / Tsingtao / Zhujiang / Budweiser / Guinness
Jiāshìbó / Qīngdǎo / Zhūjiāng / Bǎiwēi / Jiànlìshì
嘉士伯 / 青岛 / 珠江 / 百威 / 健力士
- Red wine / White wine / Vodka / Whiskey / Tequila
Hóngjiǔ / Báijiǔ / Fútèjiā / Wēishìjì / Lóngshélán jiǔ
红酒 / 白酒 / 伏特加 / 威士忌 / 龙舌兰酒
- One bottle / glass / can / half a pint / one dozen
Yī píng / bēi / guàn / xiǎo bēi / yīdá
一瓶 / 杯 / 罐 / 小杯 / 一打

With compliments from your board